About Adiente

Adiente is a personnel services agency specializing in middle management level recruitment, HR consulting and staffing. Our focus is on recruiting more experienced people for key positions and managerial posts at our client companies, but we are also on the look for future talent, i.e. students, recently graduated and young professionals with 5-10 years of experience. DISC-based team development is also one of our key competencies.

Adiente provides the following services:

  • Search-and-select hybrid recruitment: combined benefits of a targeted recruitment search and a broader recruitment campaign
  • Seek-and-retain recruitment: the right match for improved talent retention
  • Consulting: management-level HR-related sparring and consulting
  • Extended DISC and CUT-E analyses: individual candidate assessments and team reviews
  • Team development: improved dynamics for improved business results
  • Temporary staffing: resourcing solutions for varying business situations

When recruiting, we put emphasis on getting to know both the recruiting client and the candidates. Alongside the necessary expertise, we underline the candidate’s fit to the company, its people and culture for a great match and smooth collaboration from the get-go.

The DISC-based team trainings are tailored to the client’s needs and can focus on e.g. developing the team’s sales skills or overall dynamics. The trainings increase the participants’ understanding of collaboration between people, and lead to better business results and improved work satisfaction when the findings are put into action.

Satisfied clients and successful long-term recruitments are our most important goals. With us you will find a HR partnership based on quality, reliability, speed and flexibility.

Our Services

Our services include the following:

1. Recruitment services:
– Open searches
– Direct searches/head-hunting
– Silent searches

2. Staffing solutions:
– Specialist staffing
– Temporary employments
– Projects
– Summer jobs

3. Personality analyzes and suitability assessments:
– Extended DISC

4. Management consultation services:
– Employment contracts, interviews, development discussions
– Management consultations and support
– Organizational and individual development
– Organizational growth

We comply with the collective labour agreements

Adiente has been a member of the Finnish Private Employment Agencies’ Association, and via that a member of the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK, as well as The World Employment Confederation,  since the start in 2005. We comply with the General Terms and Conditions for the temporary agency work industry and the General Terms and Conditions for recruitment within the temporary agency work sector. Adiente has also been an authorized staffing company since 2011.

General Terms and Conditions for the temporary agency work industry
The Finnish Private Employment Agencies’ Association, HPL, has developed general terms and conditions for recruitments and staffing, that exist to make responsibilities and rules clear to all parties. The terms take into account especially the rights of the employees and the job seekers.

The General Terms and Conditions regarding the service in question are intended to be attached to contracts concluded between a private employment agency and its client company. The general terms and conditions for staffing can be found here, and the general terms and conditions for recruitments, here.

The collective labor agreement
The Finnish Private Employment Agencies’ Association, HPL, has also developed a collective labor agreement, which is applied on employees working in the office of the recruitment – and staffing companies themselves, and also on the employees that work for the staffing companies, but in their customers offices. The labor agreement can be found here.

We are Adiente

Erica Flinck-Härkönen

Managing Director, Senior HR Consultant, Certified Business Coach.
Master of Economics, M.Sc. (Econ)

+358 40 510 7700

I founded Adienten in 2005, and I have been working as the company CEO since then. I also work with recruitments, staffing solutions, headhunting and assessments. And I also work as an external consultant and advisor in questions regarding recruitment, organizational development, strategy and HR questions.

I am a Certified Business Coach, specialized in middle management and management coaching, and especially in coaching entrepreneurs and small to mid-size company CEOs. I also love to coach teams and groups.

We serve our customers in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Adiente operates mainly in the metropolitan area, but we do also offer business coaching remotely without geographical restrictions.

Marika Högström-Andersson

Senior HR consultant, Certified Business Coach
Master of Educational Sciences, M.Sc. (Ed.)

+358 50 572 6439

I joined Adiente during Spring 2005.  I work as a customer-responsible consultant in staffing-, recruitment- and headhunting assignments. I am also responsible for Extended DISC person- and team analyzes for both recruitment and team development. I am a certified Business Coach and do coaching for both individuals and teams.

Well-being at work is especially close to my heart. People are the most important asset of a company, and I strongly believe that a satisfied employee is a more motivated and efficient employee. This guides me in everything I do – recruiting, team development and business coaching. I enjoy working extensively with a variety of organizations, positions, and people at different stages of their careers.

We serve our customers in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Adiente operates mainly in the metropolitan area, but we do also offer business coaching remotely without geographical restrictions.