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To be able to apply for one of our open positions, you need to register. But when you are registered, you will be applying for tens of positions at the same time – but you shall, and should always, also go in and attach your application to a specific job that you are interested in, just to mark that you are interested in that position!

To your application, you should always attach your cv and either an open application, or a specific application for the job you are seeking. Note that the cv and the application letter always needs to be in the same language as the ad for the job!

Reserve about 10 minutes for the registration and fill in the form carefully! We do not give any of the information forward to a third party, and no other applicant can see your information.

Information for jobseekers

Adiente is specialized in recruitments, which means that the employee is employed directly by our customer company, and our only job is to find You. Apart from normal recruitment projects, we also often do head-hunting projects. When it comes to staffing solutions, where the employee is employed by Adiente, but working for a specific client company, the time of the employment is typically 6-12 months and often end when the customer company decides to recruit the employee.

Adiente as an employer
Our customer companies do normally require personnel to different types of sales, marketing, IT, bank and finance, insurance and to different types of office work, to the care sector and to different management and leadership positions.
Adienten office is situated in Espoo and most of our customers are situated in the metropolitan area.

What do we expect of our employees?
Our customers have high expectations and high demands on us, which in turn means that we need to have equally high expectations on our employees. We expect you to deliver what you promise, that you enjoy working and want to work and that you have a great attitude towards life!

Previous recruitments

Adiente recruits people to very different positions, depending on our customer company’s needs. But there is a common factor: the customer company needs to have a good reputation and be a good employer and the position needs to be the right kind of job for our jobseeker. Below are some examples that Adiente has successfully recruited to:
Marketing assistant
Office assistant
Key Account Manager
Business Development Manager
Finance assistant
Sales manager
Market Activation Manager
Partner Manager
Customer Service
HR consultant
IT support