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Adiente – recruitments and staffing solutions

Adiente is a personnel services agency specializing in middle management level recruitment, HR consulting and staffing. Our focus is on recruiting more experienced people for key positions and managerial posts at our client companies, but we are also on the look for future talent, i.e. students, recently graduated and young professionals with 5-10 years of experience. DISC-based team development is also one of our key competencies.

Adiente provides the following services:

  • Search-and-select hybrid recruitment: combined benefits of a targeted recruitment search and a broader recruitment campaign
  • Seek-and-retain recruitment: the right match for improved talent retention
  • Consulting: management-level HR-related sparring and consulting
  • Extended DISC and CUT-E analyses: individual candidate assessments and team reviews
  • Team development: improved dynamics for improved business results
  • Temporary staffing: resourcing solutions for varying business situations

Satisfied customers and long term successful recruitments are our most important goals.