Changes in working life and outplacement services

Business often develop an grow in cycles, sometimes they grow and want to increase the amount of team members, meaning new recruitments are needed. And sometimes the situation is the opposite, and the amount of team members needs to be reduced.

An organisation, or a team is always a unit of it´s own, and resizing a team in a smaller direction is always a big, and often unpleasant task for a team leader.  This decision will always affect the entire team, including those who get to stay in the company.

Adiente has a comprehensive outplacement service, and in the event an organisation needs to reduce the amount of team members or co-workers, we can support the team regarding all the relevant areas.

Outplacement is not just about the person or persons who´s contracts are about to get terminated, a very important aspect to consider is to also support the team lead who has to take the decision of who to keep and who has to go, and to also to take care of the team that stays.

The Outplacement process is always tailor made according to what would be the best solution,
for everybody, in the current situation


Support to, discussions with, and coaching of,  the team lead

Termination of a employment contract is always a big decision and is usually also an unpleasant situation for all parties. No one makes a decision to lay someone off on light grounds, but regardless of the reason for the termination, it is usually the result of a long process.

The team leader is often alone in this situation, and benefits from support and of having someone to discuss and consult with. Here, Adiente can act as a coach and as support, and during the whole process. This usually takes 2 to 4 months, depending on the situation and what is needed.


Support to, discussions with, and coaching of,  the team that stays

The termination of a team members contract will affect everybody. When someone has to leave the team, it can bring a variety of feelings to the surface, such as uncertainty about the process, no matter how it is done, or fear that you will have to be the next one to go, or fear that you will have to do all the tasks of the person who is leaving. Uncertainty about why I was allowed to stay when somebody else was not, the grief of losing a good co-worker, and many similar feelings, need to be addressed.

It is beneficial to deal with these feelings and fears right away, and also to allocate time for an open discussion, to let everybody ask the questions needed and to provide honest answers. The better this is handled, the faster the team or organisation will recover and return to working as before.

The process of supporting the team that stays, usually takes 2-4 months, depending on the situation and the company. Letting go of one person is usually a lighter process than if a bigger part of a team has to go, and the process is tailored accordingly.


Outplacement services for the person/persons who has to leave

The purpose of outplacement is that the employee who is forced to leave his or her position, is not left alone, but will be offered support and assistance to find a new job or possibly a new career altogether.  Outplacement is in many ways like a reverse recruitment process where we sit down with the person who´s contract will end, and discuss his or her career and life situation and consider possible next steps.

We conduct a job interview and use personal assessment tools such as DISC, Workplace Big 5 and/or Aon analyzes,  and map out competencies and strengths. We go through how to write a  CV, and job application and LinkedIn profile and highlight the person’s strengths. We use solution-focused business coaching, where we support  setting and achieving long term career goals.

Together with our candidate, we discuss the current labor market, different job search channels, job titles, employment companies and hidden job search channels. We do not guarantee a new job, but we will give the job seeker every possible opportunity to succeed in finding their new pathway and succeeding in their own job hunting – possibly in a completely new field.

This process takes one to three months, during which we meet 3-5 times, depending on the needs of the employee. Between these appointments, the employee also does independent tasks of their own, which we then dismantle together.

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