Personality assessments

Personality and suitability assessments are often used when we want to get to know a potential employee more deeply, and understand him or her as a person, identify his or her way of working, or when we want to measure his or her ability and future potential.

Personality assessment is an effective tool when we want to assess a candidate’s personal abilities, strengths and areas for development – and at the same time compare them to the wishes, expectations and goals of our client company.

We use different types of personal assessment tools, depending on what we want to measure or evaluate.

Assessments can measure, for example, a person’s way of working, characteristics, competence and motivational factors. It is also possible to measure the competence of a particular area, such as a person’s language skills.

What is measured, and why, depends on the needs of the client company or our own assignment. We use personnel and suitability assessments extensively in recruitment and outplacement assignments, and also in Business Coaching and during team development days.

Assessment tools

Extended DISC®

The Extended DISC® Personnel Assessment used by Adiente is designed to measure both how well a  job seeker’s fits for a specific job,  and how well the person fits into the organization of the client company. This is achieved by comparing the work task, the results of the analysis, the person’s own views and the analysis as a whole. Careful personal appraisal in connection with recruitment ensures the selection of the right job seeker.

Extended DISC® provides individuals, teams, and organizations with an easy-to-use electronic tool for identifying and evaluating personal behavior. The Extended DISC® method was developed in Finland and is based on the popular DISC theory developed in the 1920s. The method has many application areas, including leadership and organizational development, communication and interaction skills development, customer service and sales skills development, and many more.

In addition to personal evaluations in connection with recruitment assignments, Adiente also conducts other evaluations based on DISC, such as group analyzes and pair analyzes. We also use this tool in coaching, team development days and outplacement assignments.

AON Assessment

Aon Assessments can be used to measure competence, ability and to assess personality. This online-based tool can be used in recruitment assignments to determine if a candidate has the abilities and skills relevant to the role.

Aon’s assessments can be used to assess, for example, language skills, verbal ability, mathematical reasoning, values, and attitudes. Tools can be tailored for different target groups as well as for different tasks, such as assisting or for expert positions in the technical or commercial field, or for managerial positions for applicants with a university degree.

Using Aon’s tools, we can measure a number of different things, but as always, it is important to first define exactly what we measure and why we want to measure it.


360 ° assessment is an assessment method often used to develop one’s own leadership, cooperation, development and competence. With 360 ° assessment feedback, the assessee becomes aware of what their own actions look like to others, what is good and what could be further developed.

For this, we can use an online tool, or we can do it by personal interviews, depending on if we want to ask many questions or a fewer, with deeper and longer answers.

Team leaders, colleagues, subordinates, customers or other potential partners are asked to provide an evaluation through questions, and open feedback is also requested from respondents. At the same time, the assessee answers the same questions and evaluates himself.
The results are compared in a feedback discussion, in which case the assessee receives feedback on their own actions.

Evaluation is well suited, for example, for leadership training, leadership or board work assessments, to support development discussions and to support the coaching process when you want to develop your own activities.

The 360 ​​° assessment is carried out together with the assessee, and based on the assessment, we draw up a development plan if the customer so wishes. Evaluation provides a broad view of the current state of the situation, and serves as an excellent tool for developing your own way of working.

An assessment deepens the understanding and explains patterns of behavior

When do we use assessments?

Recruitment is just one of many situations where personal assessment can be useful. Evaluations are also used e.g. mapping an employee’s development potential or selecting individuals for training or career development support. There are many different ways of evaluating, and evaluations can also be combined.

Evaluations are also used e.g. to improve team collaboration or to improve collaboration across the company or organization.

”The author of the Winnie the Pooh books, A.A. Milne, realized that very different characters  created a very good story. The same ingredients are needed in working life to create a super team, outstanding collaboration and excellent results !”

All assessment tools used by Adiente are reliable, and we are certified to use them.

It is important to know what we are evaluating and measuring and why, so we can choose the tools that are best suited for this situation. It is also important that all results and analyzes are dismantled together with the assessee so that he or she has the opportunity to ask and give feedback and also to present his or her own views on the results.

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