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When Adiente was founded in 2005, our business idea was to hire and recruit motivated and accomplished polytechnic- and university students , and newly graduates, who either studied for, or had master’s degrees, in economics or in the technical field, for our client companies.

Quite some time has passed since 2005, and our area of specialization has developed too. Today we specialize in the same student or newly graduated, as before, but 20 years later in his or her career.  Although we specialize in middle management and business professionals, we do offer positions for all stages of the working career, from students to senior level positions.

Successful recruitment consists of many parts. Adiente is the same thing as Erica and Marika: we’ve both been working for the company since the beginning. We both also work as customer responsible consultants, both with our own clients an recruitment processes – from the first client meeting to signing the employment contract, and the entire chain in between.

This way of working guarantees our clients that one person is in charge of the whole process and either Erica or Marika is the one who meets the client and the one who meets each candidate, does the interview, the reference calls and the assessment tests, and no information nor wishes are lost along the way.

Successfull recuritments

In addition to a competent recruitment consultant, successful recruitments require that the client company is willing and able to commit to, and actively participate, in the process. We do our homework well, and we always meet the customer, get acquainted with the business and want to understand the future task as well as the desired personal profile, as well as possible.

We plan the recruitment process together with the client and stay in touch throughout the process, and update our client on where we are going and how we are proceeding.

Job advertisements

We write a job advertisement for each job, which is then published in agreed upon channels. We spend a lot of time drafting the text, and it’s important that the add matches both the values of our client company and the desired employee profile we are looking for.

We work together to create a media plan, and we use our client company´s logo and image material for announcements, to create the right kind of feel for the open position. This ensures that the right target group is reached.

The use of social media and digital channels also supports the same strategy. A job advertisement is a cost-effective and well-functioning option, especially when we know the job is interesting and there are a lot of potential job seekers.


Sometimes we do not get enough applications, with the right profiles, just by publishing a job advertisement. Nowadays, head hunting is not only used for challenging expert or management positions, but more and more, add searches are complemented by headhunting right from the start of the recruitment process.

This way of working is called a hybrid search. This is a workable and effective way to ensure that we get enough candidates. Both components are important here. With a direct search, we reach candidates with the right profile and, with a job advertisement, we reach candidates who are interested in changing jobs and also interested in the position in question.


Headhunting or direct search means that we use Adiente’s own extensive networks and recruitment channels to find suitable candidates, based on search criteria defined with the customer. We contact potential candidates directly, making them interested in a new position, even if they are not actively looking for new challenges.

By actively reaching out to potentially suitable candidates, we can ensure that we get several interested candidates for the job – of which we then can choose who would be the best match for the position.

Head hunting also always gives us a timely touch and feel from the field – why do we not get applications, what could or should we change about this position, so that it would be more appealing? Then the needed adjustments are discussed with the client, and the search criteria altered accordingly.

This way of working ensures that we always find candidates for positions. Sometimes the position needs to be adjusted a little, sometimes the candidate criterions discussed, but we always find candidates for positions.

Recruitment meetings can be
done face to face or remotely

Our recuritmentprocess

We provide a full recruitment guarantee for all recruitment assignments. This means that if the employment of a recruited employee ends within the probationary period, we will present a new candidate for the position free of charge.

We always want to meet our clients in person, and get to know both the company and the recruiting team lead or manager. We are also interested in getting to know the company’s field of business, to ensure the best possible success during the recruitment process.

The recruitment process starts with a joint meeting, preferably with the recruiting manager. We discuss our companies as well as our operating methods and the profile to be recruited. We draw up cooperation agreements and sign them. We then start the recruitment process as agreed.

We usually always write job a advertisement for every position, which the client reads and approves. After this the add is publish in agreed upon recruitment channels, both traditional and social media, and then we start the search itself.

During the recruitment process, we interview suitable applicants. All our interviews are personal one-one-one, we do not use group interviews. Based on this, we select the most suitable candidates and present them and their application and CV´s to the client. The client interviews the candidates.

We will then hold brief update meeting to agree on possible candidate assignments and/or use of personality assessments.

We proceed as agreed, and the client might want to meet the candidate for a second time. Adiente will do a backup check and talk to references, after which the client can proceed to making a job offer to the candidate. After signing with the employee, we draw up the final contracts between Adiente and the client.

The project ends by congratulating the applicant who got the job, and thanking all the other applicants for their interest in the position, and informing them that they did not get this position this time.

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