Staffing solutions

We live in a constantly changing world, and this is true also for the business environment. Companies need to adjust fast to changing situations, and this demands a lof of the employees. Adiente’s staffing solutions are the perfect answer for companies that need to employ new talent to the organization, or to further educate the existing staff. Adiente can offer employees to almost any position in your company. Especially situations like unforeseen sick leaves, parental leaves or other similar absences from the workplace, or temporary use of such competence that does not exist whit in the own organization, such as bookkeeping or translations, is our specialty.

Students and newly graduates are a very co-operative and easy group to work with, since they are flexible, they learn quickly and they are enthusiastic. Our students and graduates have a broad knowledgebase, education, experience and competence.

Adientes network consists of a broad scale of people, from students to experienced professionals.

This means that Adiente can offer our customers experienced motivated and educated personnel for all situations.

The process:

1. Adiente’s consultant meets the client
We consider it to be important to personally meet ad get to know our customers, meet our contact persons, see the office, get to know the future colleges, become familiar with the company culture and see where our future employee will work. All of these matter in choosing the right person for this exact position. After this meeting, we will write a recruitment profile and start the search process. And also sign the recruitment contracts.

2. Adiente’s consult initiates the search for suitable employees
using the recruitment profile hat was written together with the customer company, we start searching for our future employee. This is usually done by searching our cv database, our networks, and by placing an add about the position on our webpage.

3. The candidates are presented for our customer
Whit in the agreed upon timeframe, Adiente will present the best suited candidates for the position, often 3 candidates. Adiente has chosen these three from all the applicants, interviewed them and checked their background and references. The customer meets all of our candidates, interviews them and chooses their employee.

4. The staffing project starts
when all the parties have agreed upon terms and conditions, the employee can start working. We keep in touch with all parties throughout the staffing period.

5. The staffing period ends or the employee is recruited to the customer
The staffing projects are almost always fixed term contracts, meaning that the contract ends when for example a maternity leave ends. After the contract ends, Adiente will be in touch with both customer and employer, and the project will be evaluated. More than half of our long term staffing contracts ends because the customer company decides to offer the employee a permanent position, and recruits the employee


Adiente can provide staffing solutions such as:
• Temporary vacancies
• Projects
• Summer jobs
• Specialist staffing

Adiente will grant full guarantee to all of our staffing or recruitment assignments. If our customer is not satisfied with the chosen employee, we will change the employee to somebody else with matching competence. This guarantee is valid for all our staffing employments, and Adiente also grants this option to all our employees – if they are not satisfied, they too, have the opportunity to quit.


To succeed in finding the right person for a specific position, is one of the biggest challenges organizations face today. It has become more difficult to find suitable and talented applicants, and at the same time the importance of doing exactly that has grown significantly.

Adiente has more than 10 years of experience in finding and evaluating the most suitable candidates for positions in different fields. At Adiente, the same consultant is responsible for the complete recruitment process, from getting to know the customer to executing the recruitments and staffing over the years. In his way we get to know our customers well, we know what you value and want, and at the same time we know our employees – which guarantee a professional, cost efficient and high quality recruitment process.

Adiente’s recruitment process:

  1. Meeting with the customer, review of the employee profile
  2. Writing and publishing the recruitment add
  3. Going through and evaluating the applications
  4. Interviews and evaluations of the candidates
  5. Background check and check of references
  6. Presentation of the most suitable candidates to the customer
  7. Interviews at the customers office
  8. Personality analysis and suitability assessments of the two most suitable candidates
  9. Follow up

Adiente gives all recruitments a full guarantee. If the employer is not satisfied with the employee and the employment ends during the trial period, Adiente will perform a replacement recruitment for free.


Many of our customers also ask for HR related consultation, as a complement to our recruitments, staffings and assessments. We are happy to help and support our customers in eny-and everything regarding HR, and often we sit down together and customize the support tools and the services our customer needs at any given time.

Examples of Consulting services:
– Advice concerning agreements, development discussions and learning
– Support and management tools
– Organizational development
– Development of the staffs’ skills
– Organizational growth

Personality assessments

Today there are wide range of different personality analyses and suitability assessments that are commonly used as supporting tool to recruitment decisions. There are many different types of testing methods available, but they all strive to test how well equipped a potential employee is to successfully manage the tasks at hand and how well he or she, as a person, would fit to the already existing team. There are many things that can be tested and evaluated, such as the employee’s way to work, knowledge, personal equalities and motivation.

Adiente uses suitability assessments to be able to form an opinion about the jobseeker as objectively as possible. The test is used to complement our consultant’s opinion, which is already formed under the previous interviews and meetings, and is also discussed and thoroughly analyzed together with the employee an matched with his or her own opinions. A meticulous analysis preformed when making the recruitment decision, will guarantee that the right person is chosen for the position.

At Adiente, our senior consultant Marika Högström-Andersson, is specialized in conducting Extended DISC® analyses. Extended DISC® gives individuals, teams and organizations an easy to use electronic tool that identifies a person’s behavioral patterns and assesses his or her personal equalities. Extended DISC® is based on the popular DISC theory from 1920 and the theory can be applied to countless areas of use, such as development of leadership skills, organizational development, development of communication, interaction, customer service skills and so on and so on.

Adiente also conducts numerous other analyses and assessments, besides the ones done in recruitment situations, such as assessing the whole team, department, organization or company, group and pair analyses and so on.

Please be in contact, and we will tell you more!

What kind of analysis?

Recruiting a new talent to the team is only one of the situations when a personality analysis can be useful. Analyzes and assessments’ can be very useful also when there is a need to find out an employee’s development potential or when there is a need to choose who would be best suited for management education or when making other significant career development choices. There are almost endless possibilities of what can be analyzed and assessed, what to choose, depend on what one wants to find out with the analyses.

Extended DISC® personality analyses can be used in countless ways, also for developing the co-operation within a team or in a workplace, or to better the wellbeing and thus the results within a company or an organization.